Toasted Smorc

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(juggling torches) Here is I think is my most difficult, THRILLING, dangerous blog ever.

(Ohhhhhh) I am going to show you have to create your very own scrumptious Toasted Smorc. All while juggling these torches (shows you burning sticks of awesome) in Dalaran!



You will need!  (drops a torch, damn it.)

Turn on broiler. (candidly lights pilot with burning torch)

Place graham cracker down & marshmallow on top. (starts juggling torches, again)

Place on rack in oven for 15-20 seconds. Watch constantly!  Remember what happens when you leave the marshmallow in a campfire too long? Now imagine 8 marshmallows all at once, on fire in your kitchen. Not good. (Still juggling, flaming sticks of DEATH!)

Place one row of chocolate onto each browned marshmallow.  Press down on the chocolate slightly.

Top’em off!


Still juggling!

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